Points To Consider Before Contesting a Will

contesting a will

Contesting a will is an emotional, confusing and costly process, so before you decide to do so, there are certain points that should always be kept in mind. There are certain circumstances under which you are entitled to make inheritance claim of the estate. If you are seriously planning for contesting a will then below are some of the important questions that you need to ask yourself before getting into the legal proceedings:

Am I Eligible?

It is really important to know if you are eligible to contest the will or not. If you are spouse of the deceased then you can claim, if you are a child of deceased who were financially dependent then also you may claim. Anyone who have been dependent on the deceased like an elderly person or disabled can also eligible to contest the will.

Do I Have Valid Proof?

Once you are sure that you can contest, another point to keep in mind is having a valid proof of relations with the deceased so that you can prove your eligibility for contesting the will. Under certain circumstances, you may have to show the evidence of financial needs.

Do I Have A Solicitor?

It is a very important aspect and get you desired outcomes while contesting a will, a solicitor who carries good experience, proper knowledge of this tricky legal field and who can act on your behalf. It is always recommended to connect with lawyer who specializes in inheritance claims. Along with this you also need to consider whether you can afford the cost of overall procedure or not.

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